Overcoming the Ecommerce Challenges
Erin Thompson Erin Thompson
If you’re part of the online  e-commerce world, I bet you’re dealing with one of these four main challenges. Now the good news is, you are not alone; there are a lot of online businesses out there dealing with the same issues.

Challenge number one, the lack of focus and being overwhelmed. Look let’s face it,  e-Commerce is changing every single day with new competitors popping up all over the place. New products are being created as we speak and you've got consumer's shopping behaviors changing and you've got companies like Amazon trying to take a bigger piece of that pie.

So how do you solve this? One of the recommendations I can advise to sellers is to discover three key areas. First, you start by discovering who your customer is, who is he or she? What does he/she like? And what are some of her challenges and needs that is currently being faced?

Second, you should really discover your industry and dig deep into your competitors. One way to set yourself apart is to know who the big players are and how they are selling the product to these customers.

Finally, you discover your own business. What sets you apart from everybody else? What differentiates you? What’s so unique about you, your products, support and even the way you ship to your customers.

These are three things that you need to discover in order for you to develop a value proposition of who you are, what you sell and why is it that people need to buy your product and not the ones from the competitor. That’s where strategy is key and that’s something you need to fine tune.

Challenge number two, you’re simply not getting enough traffic and everyone loves traffic, who doesn’t? But let me ask you this question, how is it possible for you to sell your product if people don’t know you exist or that your product is available  and is the solution to their problems. That’s where creating awareness is key and you do that by optimizing your online marketing channels. Channels such as, PPC campaigns, ad Words or Facebook ads. Social media, email marketing, SEO, re-targeting and so much more. One way to grow your business is to drive traffic and you’re able to do this only by focusing on awareness.

Challenge number three, you’re getting the traffic but you’re simply not getting enough sales, right? Remember this, traffic does not pay the bills. You need sales, and in order for you to get sales, shoppers must add items to their cart and actually complete the checkout process. So why is it that they’re not doing it as much as you like on your website? What are the sources of friction? Do bottlenecks exist on your website prohibiting them from completing check-out. If you sell on Amazon or eBay, how could you optimize your listing so that people actually buy those items? 

Finally, challenge number four, and I believe it’s the most important. You’ve got the traffic, you’re getting sales, but you’re not generating enough profit. If you want to grow a healthy e-commerce business in the long term you must generate profit in order to pay yourself, your employees, innovate or expand your product selection by buying additional products. Let’s face it, without profit, the business is not sustainable.  So how do you do this? One area that is recommended to  sellers is to focus on  retention, customer lifetime value, customer service, delighting those clients. What I can help you out with attitude will help focus on improving and optimizing your retention efforts to customers coming back to you. And that something that will help you generate additional profits for your business and help you grow.

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