Preventative Steps Sellers Can Take To Avoid Disputes
Erin Thompson Erin Thompson

It’s a fact that some packages get damaged or go missing during the shipping process. Mistakes can also be made sometimes in quality product descriptions. You may find yourself in a situation where you will need to communicate with a buyer or seller and listen to try to rectify the situation by offering assurance and facts so it is beneficial for both parties involved. There are some steps you can take to avoid situations and keep transactions smooth sailing.

Communicate about Shipping

Shipping Time

Indicate the time you are going to ship and stick to that date and time.  If you are unable to commit, communicate at all times about any changes or interruptions. A simple message can calm frustration very quickly. Give the buyer a shipping timeframe that will actually take longer than expected, by including some contingency time will give more wiggle room and will satisfy customers immensely if it arrives ahead of the scheduled timeframe.

Tracking Numbers

The ability for a buyer to see where the package is in transit and what time it will arrive will help calm nerves and provide clarify for the buyer when waiting for a shipment to arrive If you’re concerned your buyer might not receive the product(s), it’s worth paying the extra tracking for recorded delivery times.  Remember to keep your receipt for proof of postage.

Delayed Shipping Notification

International shipments can sometimes take longer than 30 days, If an item is taking longer than expected to ship to a customer, make sure you keep your customer is updated as soon as possible. You may want to offer the buyer a partial or full refund on the cost of shipping. By offering a solution to buyers makes them more likely to leave positive feedback and remain a repeat buyer.

List the products to SELL

Show the Goods

Buyers interpretation of the product(s) may vary from person to person which means higher expectations of the listing, be sure to include multiple and clear high quality images, video clips are great for showing proof, as well as sound samples even. Communicate if the product(s) has any specific blemishes and imperfections,  by being transparent during the listing will help to seal the deal with potential buyers. Remember, ones man junk is another mans treasure.

Be specific - It's all in the details

Include all the details you can about the product such as size measurements, weight, condition, brands and anything you can add that will paint a better picture for the buyer.

Don't be afraid to Block

Be sure to recognize who you want to sell to and who you don’t, if you do not feel comfortable shipping internationally, choose to block any buyers who are located in your desired shipping region. Consider blocking buyers with history of multiple unpaid orders or canceled orders to avoid that happening to you.

 Message Board - Keep the lines open

Allow potential buyers the ability to ask questions about the product either privately or public ally, this helps to squash any doubts about the product based on reviewing seller answers to questions from interested buyers.

Avoid Unpaid Orders with 6 easy steps:

1. A few simple tips have shown to significantly reduce the rate of unpaid orders:

2. Make it easy for your buyers to pay by offering multiple and familiar payment methods such as PayPal.

3. Include detailed shipping and handling information in the item description as well as in the shipping section.

4. Allow guest checkout feature to make it simple for buyers to pay you quickly and conveniently

5. Require immediate payment for all items won via auction and purchased outright in cart

6. Dispatch email reminders to users with unpaid invoice transactions. Follow up and resend emails again if users have not paid for transactions that are overdue.