Top reasons why ILance Software is Unique and Built for Success
Erin Thompson Erin Thompson

With well over 100 scripts and programs available on the web that cater to the Auction / Ecommerce industry, it can be challenging to choose just the right solution that will take your marketplace business well into the future of automation and long term selling, here is a breakdown of some some key features in ILance v5 software that set us apart from the rest and should make your decision for a marketplace solution a lot more clear.

Automatic updates keep you modern

There is a hidden gem built into your ILance v5 marketplace admin panel called Automatic Updates, this tool offers a huge convenience when new fixes and enhancements are being applied, your marketplace can remain updated with the latest efforts from ILance at all times.

Flexibility to start your marketplace

Flexible licensing means you can take advantage of supported monthly service or better yet own the source files to take it to the next level with the potential to customize as your own and still be supported ;)

Customize your languages and content

We understand that each marketplace caters to different language preferences so we built in a language manager that allows you to create new languages and easily export so you can search and replace with your own custom text phrases. This feature also also allows your members to choose the language of their preference when doing business on your website.

Give your buyers and sellers full confidence

Smooth transactions are so important to buyers and sellers, when your site is supporting the sale of large ticket items and valuables, you will want the option for buyers to fund the account and secure the payment before any goods are shipped.  Bonus:  There is also an option to attach a fee for the use of secure escrow.

Bonus! Your own instant media library 

Included with the software is over 25,000 industry categories and over 100 supporting graphics to help populate your marketplace so buyers can immediately start browsing and buying from your site. 

Drag and drop your advertising

Update and change front page advertisements anytime simply by drag and drop technology, direct traffic to where you want them to go with custom url redirect. Great for communication promotions or social connections.

Turn on stores for Businesses

Multi Vendor opportunities with your own built in Stores system, Businesses can register and start applying their brand and adding inventory instantly with the use of single or bulk item upload tools, products instantly are pulled into the marketplace keyword search results. Bonus:  Set your own fees for featured placements and branding options like background billboards.

Drop in for community support 

When you have Entrepreneurs and Businesses with the same drive, passion and interest in a software solution, a lot can happen in terms of learning and innovating, everyday the forum is growing with more insightful content and how to's.  All new members are welcome!

And many more features to see as you configure the Marketplace as your own.